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August 18, 2017


Francis J. Storrs (Butch)

Carolyn A, Storrs

Distinctive Landscaping

PO Box 43

Mansfield Center, CT 06250-0043


"Dear Butch and Carolyn,


It has been nearly one month since our front yard landscaping project has

been completed! f wanted to let you know how pleased Keven and I are with

the outcome. The yard is absolutely beautiful and  now I only hope that we will

be able to keep up with the maintenance. We absolutely love the design and

go out almost every day to admire the work.


I akso wanted to let you know how pleasant the whole experience was. I felt as

If the entire crew were very attentive to the project, worked carefully, and were

extremely respectful of myself and my clients. I was especially pleased with the

work done on the walkway and the wall. I felt as if Julio (?) really took his time

to be certain that every brick was laid correctly and the pattern was pleasing to

The eye. He was very professional and I felt safe with him in the yard. The

Women who completed the removal of the prior plantings worked hard and

Completed more in a single day than I expected. When planting the

new plants, they paid careful attention to placement and seemed to ensure that the

soil was properly prepared. I enjoyed watching your team work as they

appeared to get along well and to be respectful of each other while continuing

to complete the job in a timely manner.


Overall.. I feel as if the project was handled in a professional manner, that care

was taken to ensure no damage was done to our property, and the end result is

something that we know we will enjoy for years to come! Thank you so much

for such a wonderful outcome.


Best wished in your future endeavors


Sincerely yours,"


- Penny and Keven Hebert



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